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Bitcoin World’s 30Th Largest Currency


I’m a couple of days late posting this, so the title of the actual article is now out of date. Bitcoin’s market cap is now sitting at around $180B. That’s billion dollars. The growth rate here is completely insane:

From January of 2017 to November, the market valuation of bitcoin increased from less than $15 billion to $156 billion. That is, without the entrance and involvement of institutional investors, investment banks, and large-scale hedge funds.

Even more insane are the future projections, which I’m somewhat hesitant to bet against:

Coinbase CEO Brian Armstrong noted that approximately $10 billion in institutional money will be invested in the bitcoin market in the upcoming months, which will likely increase the market cap of bitcoin by over a hundred billion dollars.

My gut tells me that this apparently exponential curve will turn sigmoid at some point.