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Source: Jury.Online

As a bit of smart contracts follow up, here’s a possible answer to the question: “What if the outcome of a smart contract is in dispute”:

Parties agree on the terms of the deal, then the deal is placed into the blockchain in form of smart contract which stores money in cryptocurrency. After successful execution of the deal the money is transferred to the recipient. If the parties have a dispute, their deal is revised by a panel of field-expert jurors who make the final decision by a majority vote.

They seems to be at a very early stage at this point, but it seems like a sensible approach. To me, at least. That said: I am not a lawyer and I don’t play one on the internet.

A cursory reading of the requirements makes me think I might actually be a reasonable candidate for an arbiter in the “I.T.” area of expertise, so perhaps the best way to learn more is to apply.