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You Thought Quantum Mechanics Was Weird: Check Out Entangled Time


Elise Crull:

Just when you thought quantum mechanics couldn’t get any weirder, a team of physicists at the Hebrew University of Jerusalem reported in 2013 that they had successfully entangled photons that never coexisted. Previous experiments involving a technique called ‘entanglement swapping’ had already showed quantum correlations across time, by delaying the measurement of one of the coexisting entangled particles; but Eli Megidish and his collaborators were the first to show entanglement between photons whose lifespans did not overlap at all.

Okay, so strictly speaking this isn’t directly connected to Quantum Computers1. It’s just the latest mind bending discovery in the field of quantum mechanics. But sooner or later this will probably be worked into the quantum computing models and methodologies. Boom! Now we have a way of building RAM which requires no physical space! Or something equally outlandish.

  1. Yet.