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The AlphaGo Documentary

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I finally got around to watching this today1. In short: I think lives up to the positive reviews it got on release. This is really the human story behind the well publicised series of matches between AlphaGo and Lee Sedol. Which is great, but (being the nerd that I am) I do wish it had gone into more detail about the research and development which came first. If there’s an “AlphaGo: The Super Nerdy Director’s Cut” release at some point in the future I’ll be all over it.

There is one thing which I think is slightly misleading. Based only on what’s shown on the screen you might think that AlphaGo ran on a laptop, or perhaps a couple of desktops hidden away in the control room. In fact it was running in a data centre on the other side of the world, with a lot of computing power behind it. Coincidentally, Google just made the hardware in question available for public use.

  1. All it took was an eleven hour flight.