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Brass Tactics Brings True RTS to VR


Sam Machkovetch:

Unlike other RTS-ish games in VR, this week’s Brass Tactics is the first full-blown take on the genre to see a retail release. It’s not perfect—indeed, it has a couple of glaring issues ahead of its Thursday launch—but Brass Tactics is clearly a few steps above “just good enough.” It functions as a pure, solid RTS, while it also comes packed with nice VR touches. Best of all, thanks to a free, unlimited, works-online demo version, every single VR owner out there (even outside the Oculus ecosystem) can try it for themselves—and try it they should.

When thinking about VR games, first person shooters seem like the obvious choice. There are too many things which don’t quite work, though1. Real time strategy seems like it might be a much better fit. Being outside of the action rather than in the thick of seems like it would play much better to VR’s strengths.

  1. Example: Valves port of Team Fortress to VR supposedly resulted in people vomiting after being hit with a grenade. The dissonance between the in game and real world motion was huge.