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Porsche Introduces Blockchain to Cars


Porsche Newsroom:

In collaboration with the Berlin-based start-up XAIN, Porsche is currently testing blockchain applications directly in vehicles. This makes the Zuffenhausen-based company the first automobile manufacturer to implement and successfully test blockchain in a car.

This just in from the department of “Wait… what?!” Yes, they’re serious. No, this isn’t a coin scheme like Kodak and Atari are trying. It seems to be something way more interesting. For example:

The services developed on the foundation of blockchain are fast and very secure. The car becomes part of the blockchain, making a direct offline connection possible – that is, without diversion through a server. Taking 1.6 seconds, the process of opening and closing the car via an app is up to six times faster than before.

The process of locking and unlocking the car is now based on a blockchain transaction. That’s fascinating, and total unexpected (to me, at least). I’m generally of the opinion that blockchain technology is going to be huge in the future1, but this is something which had never even occurred to me.

  1. Hence it being a big subject area for this website.