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Lightning Labs Network Come to the Real Bitcoin Blockchain


Lightning Labs:

This release marks the 4th major release of lnd and the first Lightning mainnet beta, an important milestone. With this release, lnd has gained a considerable feature set, deeper cross-implementation compatibility, a new specialized wallet seed, comprehensive fault-tolerance logic, a multitude of bug fixes, and much more! This release is also the first release of lnd that has the option to run on Bitcoin’s mainnet, with the safety, security, and reliability features necessary for real-world, real money usage.

I feel quite remiss for most posting this two days ago. The upshot (as I understand it) is this: if it works the way it’s claimed to, bitcoin can work as a solid medium of exchange, rather than just a store of value. Of course there are those that say that it is broken by design.

I’m certainly a curious onlooker. If this is the saviour of bitcoin, its coming online doesn’t seem to be reflected in the price: