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This is a startup from Y combinator’s latest batch. If they can really do what they claim I think they’ll get bought, and soon, for a lot of money. If I had to guess I’d say the buyer will be Amazon.

Why? Right now Amazon more or less own the cloud computing market. But Google Cloud is making a strong push. They have a pretty strong unique selling point with the Cloud TPU. No one else can offer that amount of machine learning specialised computing power in a single unit. Perhaps more importantly, marketing wise: no one else can offer the hardware which trained and ran AlphaGo.

One cloud TPU board has four TPU chips and offers 180 teraflops. Vathys claim they can get one petaflop from a single chip. That’s a two order of magnitude jump (per chip). They might cut through a lot of AlphaGo related marketing. It would make a pretty strong unique selling point for one of Google Cloud’s competitors.

My second guesses if Amazon don’t buy them: Nvidea (who own the ML hardware market) or AMD (who really must want in).