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CoinList Announces Series A Funding

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This is pretty cool. I have to admit that I want CoinList to succeed. Partly because I think they represent the “sensible” side of blockchain. They treat the law as something which should be worked within, rather than circumvented. They also do a lot of due diligence. I believe that if an ICO is offered on their platform, it is at least legitimate (i.e. not an outright fraud). That’s not say it isn’t still spectacularly risky, but that’s a different matter all together.

The other part of why I want them to succeed is because it was through them that I invested in FileCoin1. Which is, to date, the only money I’ve ever put into anything crypto or blockchain related. Obviously I don’t want that (or my conduit to it) to fail.

They’re also the love child of Protocol Labs and AngelList, which is pretty good parentage.

  1. Time will tell whether “invested” is actually the right word there…