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Sex Work Is Moving to Blockchain Payments


Warning: references to sex. Possibly NSFW.

Zoë Beery:

The sex industry has long held this tenuous place in the vanguard of technology, adopting new protocols early but at risk for punishment. As soon as people could exchange things online, they exchanged porn — copyrighted pictures, through Usenet and elsewhere, beginning in the late 1980s; and then streaming video. The industry was among the first to test online credit card processing. When payment apps began to appear, sex workers flocked to those, too. “When PayPal was starting out, a lot of their money originally came from sex work, so it’s frustrating that they treat us this way now,” said Goddess Venus.

The Outline tends to fall squarely into the “source of negativity and drama” classification of site which I tend to avoid posting here. This is an interesting article, though. It’s also pretty obvious in hindsight.

To some extent I feel as though this use case could be served by just using Ethereum or Bitcoin directly. But as it stands they don’t really have the needed user experience yet.