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AI Winter Is Well on Its Way


Filip Piekniewski:

We have now mid 2018 and things have changed. Not on the surface yet, NIPS conference is still oversold, the corporate PR still has AI all over its press releases, Elon Musk still keeps promising self driving cars and Google CEO keeps repeating Andrew Ng’s slogan that AI is bigger than electricity. But this narrative begins to crack. And as I predicted in my older post, the place where the cracks are most visible is autonomous driving – an actual application of the technology in the real world.

I have a stated aim on this site of avoiding drama and negativity. In this case I felt compelled to make an exception and link to a post for the explicit purpose of essentially calling bullshit. The lead evidence for the onset of AI winter is that… Andrew Ng is tweeting less than he used to? The “biggest pin punching through the AI bubble” (his words, not mine) is that Uber’s engineering practices are as shady as their business practices? Everything in between these data points is just as weak.

He celebrates a tweet in which someone cherry picks results from a different data set in order to “prove” that a system Andrew Ng promoted actually “sucks”.

He links to this article, which based on the non-paywalled paragraphs can easily be refuted by watching the Google I/O keynote. Apparently Google doesn’t know what to do with DeepMind. Despite using its tech for text-to-speech in Google Assistant and data center power management.

The conclusion I’m inclined to draw here is that this is Deep Learning FUD. Why do I think that? It’s in the sidebar on the right of the site. The author has an alternative approach he’s trying to promote.